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Why Use Concrete Fence Posts Over Wooden ones

Why should you choose a concrete fence post over a wooden one? In this article, you learn the reason.

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, concrete fence posts are better than wooden ones. Wooden posts require a lot of maintenance. When you involve timber especially if you use poorly treated wood and no postsaver sleeves. If you don’t have the time or energy for that, your fence posts could show signs of splitting or rotting within a few  months.

Concrete fence posts

If you’ve patched up your tired old garden fence for the last time and finally decided it needs to be replaced, you might find yourself with a dilemma. One of the most fundamental choices to be made at this point is whether to go with wooden or concrete fence posts.

As opposed to wooden posts, the concrete one have several advantages:

Robust and sturdy: Concrete fence posts are much sturdier than timber, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fence is well supported and the post will still be standing after a strong wind or storm. This makes concrete posts ideal for exposed areas.

Longevity: Concrete posts are virtually impenetrable by damp and they won’t be chewed up by insects, so potentially they can last for decades. They will almost certainly outlast wooden posts, which could offset the extra cost to install them in the first place.

Low maintenance: Aside from ensuring that the post is installed properly in the first place, there’s very little maintenance needed after that.

You can buy a concrete fencing mould from Makiga Engineering Services Ltd which is cost effective and can help you make any number of poles you want.


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