Training on Using Makiga Machinery
At Makiga we are committed to attracting the best people in the industry, increasing their levels of job satisfaction and encouraging them to grow and develop. Our goal is to build a workplace culture that respects the vital role we play in society and utilises the talents that individuals bring to the organisation.
We know that good training is a vital part of the implementation of our technologies. That is why when you purchase any of Makiga’s Ground Breaker products you will receive free training in operation and maintenance. For example, when purchasing a Soil Block Press, our team of experts will show you how to test your soil and produce Stabilised Soil Blocks. We offer free training upon purchase of every equipment/machinery at our premises. On-site training however, is possible but at a fee due to site logistics and transportation.
We supply an illustrated instruction manual with basic building guidelines, cost projections and tools and equipment. Whether you are purchasing the technology for individual or community use, we can tailor our training to suit your needs. By joining our group, you are joining not only a dynamic and transforming sector, but also one of the main construction technology products manufacturers in the country that is focused on giving customers value for their money not only in terms of products but also service delivery. We never forget that we owe our success to these persons with unique skills. The management shares the same ambition to offer our staff opportunities to fulfil their career goals.

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