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Makiga Engineering Services Ltd is a private sector company committed to offering low cost, eco friendly and durable construction using appropriate building technologies.

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Diesel Engine Hydraulic Soil Block Press Machine

Main Specifications

Power: 8 HP diesel engine with a hydraulic pump

Overall Size: 1000×600×1400mm

Cycle: 20 sec/block

Operating Mechanism: Hydraulic pressure

Total Weight: 450 kg

Size of Soil Block: 230x220x115mm

Production 8 hours shift: +/-1500

Diesel Consumption: 8 Litres/day

Operation manpower: 4-6 people (1 gear lever operator, 1 hopper operator, 1 hopper filler and 2 people: block carriers after ejection.

Block size: 230x220x115mm

Mold: Single Block Chamber - Standard of 220mm width

Production/hour: 200pcs to 240 pcs



Makiga will continue to capture the essence of life experience by offering unique opportunities and products to individuals & corporates.


We will remain the leader by continuing to help our customers meet their needs with durable and reliable equipment.

Award Winning

We demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism in this project that has resulted in a facility of enduring quality and excellence.


Green building is changing the way work is done in construction, Makiga is engaged in the development of Many eco-friendly products.

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