Blockmaster for Solid Concrete blocks
January 12, 2019
Diesel Engine Stone Crusher
January 13, 2019
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Diesel Engine Hydraulic Block Press Machine

(1) Main description
The block-making machine uses clay/soil mixed with cement in
appropriate ratios to produce interlocking soil blocks, which requires
minimal mortar during joinery.
(2) Main Technical Specification
Power: 8HP diesel engine
Overall Size: 1000×600×1400mm
Cycle: 20 sec/block
Operating Mechanism: Hydraulic pressure
Total Weight: 450 kgs
Size of Soil Block: 230x220x115mm
Diesel Consumption: 8 Litres/day
Operating Staff: 4-6 people
(1 lever operator, 1 hopper operator, 1
bucket filler, 2 block carriers and mixing)
(3) Production Capacity
Block size – 230x220x115mm
Mould – Single Block Chamber – Standard of 220mm width
Production/Hour – 200-240 pcs
8 hour – +/-1500 per 8 hr shift – 40m2 of walling/day

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