Molds are classified in three modules depending on the use of mold:


Paving block molds.
There are three types of paving block molds.
  1. Zig-Zag paving block molds-200x100x40mm/200x100x60mm/200x100x80mm
  2. Rectangular paving block mold-200x100x40mm/200x100x60mm/200x100x80mm
  3. Flower Molds-Different assortment of the latter.
Hollow/solid Concrete Block Molds
The molds are able to make hollow and solid concrete blocks by use of removable inserts. When the inserts are fastened, the mold is able to make hollow blocks and removal of the latter allows for solid block production. The molds are heavy duty.
Ventilation molds
Ventilation molds are available in different patterns.

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