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Every Quarry In East Africa Should Have This 7-30 Ton/Hr Diesel Stone Crusher

Stone crushers are extensively used to crush bulk and heavy stones into different sizes efficiently and reliably, be it at quarries or recycling plants. There has been a considerable rise in mining activities across the world to meet the burgeoning requirement of valuable minerals or other geological materials.

East Africa has not been left behind either in this growth: intensive work is increasing on day-to-day basis. This is the main reason why this Makiga Diesel Engine Stone Crusher is important to reduce the size of rocks, stones and ore. They are often utilized in aggregates production, construction material recycling and in mining operations.

The uniqueness of this machine is that it has a maximum feed size is 250mmx400mm and crushes 7-30 ton per hour depending on output size: i.e. ¼ inch ballast would be 7ton while 2 inch may be 20ton. Its consumption of the unit is 1.6 Lit/hour while the engine capacity is 32 Horsepower/ 23 KW. The total weight of the unit is 3,200 Kg when assembled.

To order this diesel stone crusher, contact:

Makiga Engineering Services Ltd

Kenya Industrial Estates,

Lokitaung Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

E-mail: sales@makiga-engineering.com

WhatsApp us: +254 721599866

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