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Q1. Can I use any soil with Stabilized Soil Block Machines?
A. No! Pure sand cannot be used as we must compact the mixture. We use prescribed dosage of cement ratios to bind the soil. To achieve the compaction necessary for the strength to produce a strong block, we need a clay soil of 10%>. If the insitu soil is too sandy, then most definitely some 'clayish' soil has to be mixed in with the existing insitu soil. A compaction test will give you a clear idea of the proper mix to work with.

Q2. Can I mix water with the soil?
A. Stabilized Soil Blocks use what is called a "dry mix" which in fact uses a minimum of (10 to 15 %) water . Most often the soil is wet enough to be used as is. If need be, a small amount of water can be added. The mixture must not be over wet, otherwise compaction will not be achieved.

Q3. Do I need a mixer?
A. For small projects, mixers are not used at all - but can be if so desired. We emphasise the labour intensive possibilities of Stabilized Soil Blocks. If the project needs a high output of blocks, we recommend the use of a pan mixer to improve productivity.

Q4. Do I have to prepare the soil before mixing in the Clay Brick Stabiliser?
A. Once again, for small projects, there is no need for mechanisation of the soil preparation. A good grid trough (into which the soil is shovelled) will eliminate stones and other big components and will produce very good results. If a higher output is required, we recommend the use of a crusher that will reduce the lumps and stones and give a very high consistent quality to the final product.

Makiga Engineering Services Ltd has engineered and holds patent to unique manual machine presses for making interlocking stabilised soil blocks (ISSB) for building. These are as follows:-

  1. Makiga Stabilized Soil Block Machines
  2. Makiga Multi Purpose Vibrating Table
  3. Makiga Master Mill
  4. Makiga Stone Crusher
  5. Makiga Micro Concrete Roofing Tile Machine


Makiga Engineering Services Ltd is a private sector company committed to offering low cost, eco friendly and durable construction using appropriate building technologies. The heart of our operation rests on our unique manual machine presses for making interlocking stabilised soil blocks (ISSB) for building. The design of our machines and the interlocking blocks are a patented design. With a high sensitivity to...

Stabilized Soil Blocks

While making compressed soil blocks is labor intensive, they can significantly reduce the costs involved in building a house, outbuildings, fences, garden walls, etc.

Roofing Tiles

MCR roofs are constructed in a conventional manner using rafters and purlins made from wood or steel. Rafters are according to the shape and size of the roof.

Concrete Vents

The Multi-Purpose Vibrating Tables are also used for making concrete products such as ventilations quickly and cheaply.

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